Friday, February 20, 2009

Pepper Rally

My sister told me this morning that my niece, Danielle is going to a pepper rally this afternoon. lol. At least that's what Danielle calls it. Kelly told her it was a pep rally, and she said, "Mom, it's way easier to say 'pepper rally.'"

Drew is on day 2 of Vyvanse. And he seemed to be calm and in a good mood this morning, same as yesterday. He didn't fight me about getting dressed for school. He still fought getting into his aide's car, but only half heartedly. Probably because it's part of his routine. Maybe we can get him off that routine. He got a green card at school yesterday. The main comments about the day from school staff was 1. that he had a good morning. 2. he talked nonstop in one class 3. that he yawned a lot. Overall, not too bad. Hopefully it will keep working so well.

I have to go in early to work today. We are having a parent lunch day for the first graders. Last one of the year. Yeah! We are starting to look at the things we can get rid of. We're getting a new school next year, and the kitchen has lots of old things that aren't being used. So, we're sorting out what will be auctioned off this summer and what is junk and should be thrown away. It is a little surreal to have the school where I went my whole childhood being demolished this summer. The new school is on the same grounds the current one is, but I have yet to see the inside of it.

Tomorrow, Kelly is watching the boys so Eric and I can go to Cincinnati to Jungle Jim's International Market. We saw it on the Food Network some time ago, and of course, being food lovers, we were intrigued. It is on six acres with specialty foods, beers, wines, cheeses, candy and all kinds of interesting things. You can count on a full report when I get back. Here's their website in case you're interested: Jungle Jim's Website


Anonymous said...

Go to the bathrooms,that are marked underconstrution, You will be quite surprize at the inside.

Jodie said...

I love Jungle Jim's! Eric and I have been talking about how it was time to go again - we havent been forever! I hope you liked it!