Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sometimes they just NEED you to make it

The popcorn, that is. One child in particular will get the idea in his head that he wants popcorn. Once the "P" word has been said, the other child usually chimes in with his request for it as well. I wonder if it is just fun to see if they can get me to do it? Because a lot of times, after I make it (and put it in a necessarily BIG bowl for each one of them) they don't eat it. Walk past it, yes. Step on the bowl and fly popcorn everywhere, yes. Ask, "You make popcorn, Mommy?", yes. Go to bed with nary a taste of it? Yes. I guess I know what my snack is tonight. I am not ashamed to admit that I will eat popcorn that has been picked up off the floor after the aforementioned spill. Parenting has a way of lowering your culinary standards that way.


the other lion said...

Sounds familiar. =) Mine eats it, though, and still makes a mess.

fragilemom said...

Hmmm, if popcorn's made around here (and it is quite often), it's all gone. I'm lucky if I get go find a crumb on the floor!