Saturday, May 30, 2009

I spoke too soon

The last line of yesterday's blog said, "It has been an altogether pleasant day." Well, that ended around eight o'clock last night. Blake was in the bathroom (toilet training) and he got off the toilet and lost his balance. He fell backwards into the bathtub, hitting the back of his head on the molded shelf. It gushed blood right away. Eric was at Kelly's house helping our brother in law work on his deck.

After soaking through several paper towels, I grabbed the phone and called Eric, saying he better come home quick, that Blake needed stitches. Of course, Blake was screaming, and Drew was scared for him. He was crying and started gagging. I was rocking Blake, and pressing a towel against his head, and trying to keep both boys calm.

Eric arrived with my sister and niece and Eric, Blake and I left for the ER. We signed in and sat down, and in walked my mom and dad. I had called her previously about watching Drew for us, but got her voicemail. So, they got ahold of my sister and she gave them the scoop. Dad waited in the waiting room, but Mom came back with us.

Getting stitches was awful. When they examined him, he bled all over the place. We had to hold him down. It was even worse when he got the actual stitches. Oh my gosh, it took forever. And Blake kept screaming, "Mommy! Mommy!" It about killed me. One time he jerked his head and ripped out the stitch the doctor had just put in. Torturous.

When we got home, Blake was asleep, so I put him to bed. (I had cleaned him up some at the hospital) A little later, he got up and said, "sc-over?" That means "scoot over" which is what I say to him when I get in bed with him. He was asking me to get in his bed. I did, and held him awhile. He said, "Good job, Blakey." I told him he did a very good job. He fell back asleep and slept all night.

Anyway, he has a big knot on his head, and the stitches have to stay in for ten days. I'm trying not to think about the removal process.


Jen said...

Oh, poor Blake! That must have been so awful...thankfully, we've never had to have stitches. Hope he heals quickly!

the other lion said...

Oh no. I just got all teary-eyed when he said, "Good job, Blakey." What a brave boy. I hope he feels better soon!

Holly's Mom said...

OMG I am horrified for you, what a nightmare.. I just had a rush to the ER for a finger in the door episode, that probably didn't warrant the trip, so I can;t imagine how i would have kept it together with gushing blood, the need for stitches and the fear of concussion... You are both brave and I am glad he is back safe in his bed and mommy's loving arms.

fragilemom said...

Oh my! Glad that one is over. Hopefully removal won't be a big issue for him once he realizes there's no pain involved.

I'm so sorry you guys had to go through that. It's tough on everyone.

Hopefully they were nice to him at the ER. Take care of him.

Umma said...

Poor baby, just reading it makes me cry for you both :-(