Monday, June 1, 2009

A lot to be thankful for

Blake's head is doing well. He doesn't mess with his stitches much.

****Warning!**** The remainder of this blog post talks about poop and pee!***
(just in case you aren't interested in my son's bodily functions, lol)

We started toilet training with him on Friday. We went cold turkey on the Pull Ups and haven't used one since we took him to the ER on Friday night. Even through that ordeal, he kept his pants dry.

Saturday and Sunday, he had many accidents. He didn't go at all on the potty in that time until Sunday evening. Eric said he knew Blake had to go, so he stayed with him in the bathroom. Blake sat on the toilet for almost an hour. Eric let him button and unbutton his (Eric's) shirt the whole time. Also great fine motor skill work! Finally, he peed in the potty!

He went to bed and kept his pants dry all night. This morning, I put him right on the potty, and within a couple minutes, he went. Yay! He has peed in the potty 6-7 times since then. He did poop in his pants once, but other than that, no accidents!

I am so proud of him.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! A lot of success in just one day. It might just be the right time for this.

Anonymous said...

Awesome :)
What fantastic things went on.

Umma said...

That is fantastic! Can I share my dirty little secret?

When we were potty training initially we were on a schedule...every 90 minutes, if he didn't go at that time every 30 minutes until he was so tedious and Monkey soon got tired of being interrupted to go on the potty so I...sped things up a bit...I'd run the water in the sink...just a trickle. It never failed to get him to go, lol.

Duhdee called it cheating but I was rather proud of myself ;-)

Jodie said...

Yay BLAKE!! that is so awesome!