Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So it is summer! Yay!

The past two years, every May, Drew starts having seizures. Eric and I hypothesized that it was related to allergy season. Drew has allergies, and for some reason there seemed to be a connection. So, before they could get bad this year, we started giving him a 24 hour Claritin every day. We had no seizures! Until yesterday. And we realized that we forgot to give him his allergy medicine the night before. It was a mild one, and didn't last long, but it confirmed our theory that the seizures are related to the allergies.

Blakey is doing great with potty training! He pooped in the potty for the first time today! He's quite proud of himself, too.

I have implemented a snacking schedule. Otherwise, the kids eat nonstop. So, we have breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack, and supper. And of course, and evening snack. In between times, I use the phrase, "The kitchen is closed." And it seems to be working. I am not trying to be a meanie, but they don't know their limits and will go from one snack to the next to the next.

They were getting bored yesterday afternoon. We had been to the library already, and played outside quite a bit. Speaking of which, you need to look at my artwork: They actually recognized who it was supposed to be.

And to banish boredom, I made some play dough. It entertained them for a good long while. They didn't want to play together, though, so they took turns with it.


the other lion said...

I knew who they were from the thumbnail! You are uber-talented. Also, I am happy he's been relatively healthy. WHOO-HOO!