Thursday, August 27, 2009

Open House

Blake did great at his open house tonight. There was quite a crowd inside the front doors, because everyone was stopping by the office to pay their book fees. The boys and I went ahead and waited for Eric. He joined us quickly since he is a prepared guy and knew what he owed. Since I work at the school, I knew where the kindergarten room was. We headed in that direction, and we saw Mrs. T, Blake's aide. As soon as he saw her, he put his arms up for a big hug. It was very sweet. And reassuring.
The kindergarten room was very busy, so we went to the primary grade special ed classroom. We met his teacher and found his desk. We talked with the teacher a few minutes and headed over to the kindergarten room, which is directly across the hall. See that kitchen set behind Blake? He was very happy about it and played with it for quite awhile. There was a line to talk to the teacher, so Eric talked with the aide while I waited in line. The teacher and I spoke briefly, but she was extremely busy. Which is understandable. She went over and talked to Blake for a minute, but he was pretty interested in the kitchen set at the time, so he didn't pay her a lot of attention.

The kindergarten room started filling up again, so we headed to the cafeteria to buy a lunch ticket. Which is actually a debit card-type thing. Which my boss only got trained on this morning. Which is why the line was crazy-long. Which is why I made Eric stand in line while I let Blake run on the stage with the other kids.
Overall, Blake did awesome! I am waiting to see what he does while I serve his lunch on Monday at school.


Anonymous said...

Good job Blake

Anonymous said...

What are you going to do if he wants you hold him? You know there is no stopping that little guy when he has his mind made up?