Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yesterday, Blake and I went with my sister to a doctor's appointment. It was an hour away, and we visited in the car. Blake was in the back seat, playing with my niece Danielle's address book. The window was open. (see where I'm going with this?) Yes, he dropped the book out the window as we were driving down the road. He bid it farewell, "Bye! Good BYE!" Kelly said Danielle LOVES that book, and we had to turn around to go get it. We did, and when we got near where it was dropped, there were little pages floating in the breeze. I got out and collected as much as I could, but the book was destroyed.

We got to the doctor's office and Blake sat down, watching Kelly fill out paperwork. He kept saying, "Kelly, what you doing?" He walked around the waiting room talking to all people waiting. I got out his toy truck, and he got on the floor to play with it. He shot it under the feet of some pregnant woman. Having seen him crawl under chairs to get his truck before, she pulled her legs up onto the chair so he could get it. He took that as an invitation to have a conversation with her. He really liked her husband, and brought a book over to him. I called Blake back to me, and the guy said, "He's fine. I don't mind." but Blake wouldn't actually give him the book. Another lady asked me how old he was, which started the "He's six, but developmentally, he's more like a three year old" conversation. I explained Fragile X, and I knew everyone in the room was listening.

A few minutes later, a lady came in and sat down with her paperwork. Blake liked her a lot, and plopped himself down in the chair next to her. He of course asked, "What you doing?" to which she replied, "Filling out paperwork." Next, he asked, "What you waiting?" and "What you drinking?" She told him she was waiting for the doctor and drinking water. He asked, "You firsty?" I said, "Blake, let the lady alone. She's busy." She looked at me and smiled, and said, "That's ok. I worked in a daycare for three years. I don't mind." The appointment took a long time, so Blake and I went for a walk outside, climbed up and down their stairs, and took the elevator several times.

After Kelly was done with her appointment, we left and went to The Greene, a nearby mall. We stopped at Justice For Girls, and went looking for a new address book for Danielle. No such luck. I did find an iCarly journal that looked almost like her iCarly address book. I bought that, and a little book with a monkey on it, with a built-in pen holder. Then we went to Panera Bread for lunch. Yum!

After school, Kelly said to Danielle, "Well, I have good news and bad news" and told her what happened. Danielle, said, "That's okay. I know Blake didn't mean to ruin it." Isn't she the coolest kid?! Kelly told her the good news was that I got her two new books, and Kelly had gotten one for her. She called me to thank me for the books. I guess having a Fragile X brother made her used to things like that happening.

She was so nervous about going back to school, remember? Well, when I had her on the phone, I asked her how her first day was. She said it went great!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you went with your sister to the doctor.