Wednesday, September 2, 2009

busy, busy

Back to school, back to busy-ness. Holy crap, I am worn out. Apparently, I went soft this summer, because all this heavy lifting an hard physical work is killing me! lol. Not to mention I have to learn a bunch of new equipment, remember where everything goes, get telephone training (that was easy), and Meals Plus training, which is a program where kids use a pin number to debit their accounts electronically.

Blake is doing well in kindergarten. His aide is very nice and she understands his need for sensory breaks. She has even worked with other kids with Fragile X before. There have been some questions about him from the kids, so I am going in tomorrow to read a book about a kid who has a friend with special needs and talk to them about Blake. I'll update that more tomorrow.

We had a "Code 66" today. That means we had a puker. lol. We had to call the custodian and they radio him by saying, "Tom, we have a Code 66 in the cafeteria" Probably his least favorite code to hear. As far as I know, he's the first kid to ever throw up in the new school. Exciting.

Drew got a yellow card today. And for some reason, he wrote in his own communication book. It said, "Yellow card. I am not working today" or something like that.

Blake and Eric have haircuts tonight, so Drew and I will hang out. Maybe try to play a game or something fun.


Anonymous said...

What is the book about a child who has a friend with special needs called? I have been looking for something like that.

Wendy P.

S said...

I just posted a blog about my fragile x situation and I’d love for you to read it. But, also, I have a question for you…do you happen to know what your CGG repeats were. I am a premutation carrier, newly married, and can NOT wait to have children. Obviously, I have some concerns.

I look forward in talking to you. You can also email me at

Kristiem10 said...

Wendy, it was called My Friend Isabelle by Eliza Woloson. I have also heard the book A Very Special Critter by Mercer Mayer is good for addressing disabilities. The book I read wasn't specifically about FX.

Steph, I will email you tonight!