Saturday, February 20, 2010

Come on. Seriously?

Blake woke up at 4:30. He came into my room and said, "Good Mawning!" (think Brooklyn accent)I said, "It's too early" and put him back to bed. I went back the the warmth of my bed and about three minutes later, I heard his door open again. To prevent Drew from being awakened, I went in Blake's room to tell him to be quiet. He moved to one side in his bed and said, "Scover?" (scoot over) which meant he wanted me to get in bed with him. Thinking it would be easier than getting up every three minutes, I did and of course he started chattering like a magpie.

Blake: Good Mawning, Mommy!
Me: It's nigh-night time, Blake. Go back to sleep.
Blake: Ok, Mommy. (Fake snores) I'm sleeping, see?!
Me: (Ignores him)
Blake: (Fake snores louder) I'm sleeping, Mommy. SEE?!
Me: Yes, I see. Be quiet now.
Blake: I like you!
Me: (whispering) I like you, too. Go to sleep.
Blake: Yo Gabba Gabba! Yo Gabba Gabba! Meow! I'm a kitty. Rawr! Lion. I go potty, Mommy?
Me: (debating) Do you really have to?
Blake: yes!
Me: Go ahead.
Blake: No, fanks.
Me: (groans) Go to sleep!
Blake: Breakfast?! Where's Drewy? I get up, now?

After about fifteen more minutes of this, I gave in and let him get up. It was 5:05
when we got up. Bleh!


Anonymous said...

I bet your probably your going to take a nap before going to your massages.

Umma said...

Blah! Hate those mornings! I hope you get a nap at least!