Tuesday, March 16, 2010

On Sunday morning, we had Fragile X researchers from University of Kansas at our house. We've been involved in a communication study for awhile. They came to see Drew. Eric took Blake away when they got here. First, we had to go about our "regular routine" while they videoed us. Let's just say that's not the easiest thing to do. Our regular routine on Sunday mornings is having me sleep in while Eric takes care of the boys, so that wasn't going to work. We ended up in the toyroom writing words on a dry erase board and a notebook for most of that time. Then we had to have five minutes where they videoed us reading a book together. That turned out to basically be me chasing him around the toyroom trying to interact with him. He wasn't interested. Then we had a snacktime video. Also not excited about that. He wouldn't sit at the table at all, so we sat on the floor in the kitchen and made a snack together. After snack, we had to make a craft which they provided for us. They of course, videoed that, too. Drew didn't want to do it. In fact, he said, "Just do it, Mom." lol. After watching me for a minute, he said, "I want to say Hi with the bag." It was a brown paper bag monkey hand puppet. So, I told him we needed to make the monkey first then we could say hi with it. After that he cooperated pretty well. When we finished that, Julianne, one of the researchers, did several assessments on Drew in the toyroom while Marcel, the other researcher, interviewed me in the living room. Finally, when we were all done, we ate the cinnamon rolls I made and they were on their way.

And, now that it is spring, we have possibly begun the cycle of seizures. Drew had one after school yesterday. Yuck. That's the worst part about this time of year. We think it is related to his allergies. Strange, I know. He gets Claritin every night to help with this problem, but it doesn't always work. I warned Drew's aide about it when she picked him up. He told me his chin felt funny today, which is what sometimes happens during a seizure. I hope he doesn't actually have a full blown one today at school.