Thursday, May 20, 2010

Drew got home from school early yesterday. I had planned on us picking Blake up from school. Then I got the bright idea instead of just picking Blake up, that I'd bring Drew into the school to say hi to his teacher next year. He's already met her--she visited him at his current school. Great teacher, right? Anyway, we went in and went to Blake's classroom to retrieve him. Then we went up the stairs to his classroom. Drew has a big fear of stairs, so I didn't know how this would go. Blake's aide walked up with us. Drew said, "Mrs. T, hold my hand?" She said, "You're doing great!" No problem. We got upstairs and headed toward his classroom. There were some kids in the hallway getting their backpacks together. Some of them looked at Drew like they recognized him. A few smiled. It was nice. We got to the classroom to discover that his new teacher was absent and there was a sub there. He checked out the classroom anyway. We were in the hallway when the final bell rang and lots of kids flooded around us. He didn't get worked up at all.

The only time he got nervous was when we were going to go downstairs. He started crying and asking me to carry him. I told him he was too big, but that I'd hold his hand. But he prefered to clutch the front and back of my shirt instead. lol. He nervously got to the landing and the second flight of stairs, where he let out a big scream. I got him over to the handrail so he'd feel more secure. We made it all the way down, where Blake was (amazingly) waiting for us.

Overall it was a success. We'll go back a few times over the summer to get him more familiar with the whole school.