Friday, June 25, 2010

An Obsession

About a year ago, I started putting captions on the television for the kids. This was after I realized how many words Drew could read from our cable menu. And actually, I think it has worked. He seems to recognize a lot more words.

The only problem with it is that he has become obsessed with the words. He has to have it on now, or he cannot watch it. Regular television shows have "the black" which has a black background and white words. That is fine.

Movies are a different story. Some movies have yellow words and some have white. Theses are appropriately called "the white" and "the yellow" by Drew.

He has decided he'd rather not have "the yellow" at all, which poses a problem. I can turn the captioning off the movie and turn the television's captioning on ("the black") and sometimes this is ok. If I forget that "the black" is on while "the white" or "the yellow" is on, he will call for help, saying, "Mom, the black! It's behind you!" which means the black and the white (or yellow) are on the screen at the same time. Definitely not okay.

Now he is deciding which shows he'd rather see based on which captioning he likes the best. It really ticks him off that Rolie Polie Olie has no captioning, and the television captioning doesn't work on it, either.

I am just about to go on strike and take a break from captioning altogether. Actually, I just turned Bob the Builer off because he didn't like the captioning. He has settled for Max and Ruby with "the black". Errrr.

Who knew what I began with good intentions would become such a huge hassle?!


Anonymous said...

No wonder he doesn't like TV here!! Mom

fragilemom said...

Oh my! When I first started reading the entry, I thought, 'wow! what a great idea!'. Now I'm feelin really bad for you! Sounds like something Ian would become obsessed with as well. Sooooo, I don't think I'll try it just yet. This would be a great "keep us updated" thing!

the other lion said...

Oh my gracious. Sounds like when I introduced Punkin to the menu on his Spongebob DVD. He's obsessed with going back and forth and picking which episode he wants. GRRRRRR