Monday, September 6, 2010

Randomness (List style)

For a somewhat organizing effect on my randomness, I'll do it list style

1. We are considering buying an RV. We want to get a Class C one, which looks something like this: Of course, it has to be used and will probably be some ugly 90's pink and grey interior or something. ha. We think we may be able to travel further with the boys in a camper than our van. They are so cooped up in the van. They'd have more room in an RV and would have something like a traveling living room.

2. We are going outlet shopping this afternoon. It's something we haven't done in a long time, and I predict right now that we'll be needing our MacLaren stroller for Drew to go in and out of all those doors. The kids need new school clothes. Last year Drew wore a uniform to school and only had a couple pairs of jeans. This year he goes to the school in our district and doesn't wear a uniform. Blake's jeans are all worn out in the knees and have gotten too short for him. Jeans are in order.

3. They also need sneakers. I heard from my cousin about Stride Rite having comfort seam socks. At the end of the last school year, Drew started getting really fussy about his socks. And it has gotten worse. Over the summer he wore his sandals most of the time, but being back to school, he wears his tennis shoes. He acts like he was stuck with a hot poker or something whenever I help him into his shoes. Believe me, at first I thought it was something wrong with the shoe or something sticking him. Nope. The inside of the shoe is smooth. He said his socks hurt. I started putting a pair of Blake's socks on him to avoid the "bunched up" sock feeling, but still the seam bothers him. I've tried turning the socks inside out so the seam is on the outside, but that's not right, so it has to be turned back the right way. So, hopefully some comfort seam socks and bigger shoes will alleviate the problem.

4. Speaking of freaky foot issues, I cut Drew's toenails this morning. He fought me so hard that I ended up slicing two of my own fingers with the nail scissors. At this moment, Blake is biting his own toenails. And I am letting him.

5. Even though I like my job, I am glad for the long weekend and the short work week.

Have a great Labor Day!


Anonymous said...

I have to say that I highly recommend getting an RV. We used to have a class C, this year we traded up for a Class A with a slide out. We took probably 3 weeks combined vacations this summer. It is so relaxing for your kids to sleep with their own stuff and to have, essentially, a big playpen to keep them safe so you can relax a little. Both of my kids have FXS and it was a great investment for us. Good Luck!

Lisa said...

Hope you had fun clothes/socks shopping.
By the way, what is wrong with pink/rose carpet?

Tracy McGuire said...

Oh Kristie! I so enjoy reading your blog! Your honesty makes me laugh out loud sometimes! I absolutely love that you said "Blake is biting his toenails off right now, and Im letting him"!!! You say it just like it is.... and I think it is awesome because although most of us would also let him, most would never admit it publicly! Your boys are SO LUCKY to have such a great MOM!!!Thanks for sharing!!!

Chris said...

I think the RV sounds like a great idea. Would make it easier for a trip to Vegas or to WDW. Let me know if you need a tour guide for WDW. I come with my own set of ears and a tips and tricks book for WDW.

Mom of an X-man said...

Have you tried clipping the nails while they sleep? I have been successful with this approach.

How do you handle haircuts? We have a stylist that comes to our home but it is still very traumatic.

Just found your blog today, it's great. Thanks.

Kristiem10 said...

Mom of an X-Man,

After a haircutting disaster, I told Eric he had to try it. For some reason, Drew liked going with his Daddy, and never gave him much trouble. When Blake came along, Eric brought him along to watch many times before he actually needed a haircut himself. Now it's kind of a fun outing with their dad, so I leave that one in Eric's column.

Kristiem10 said...

Oh, and I haven't tried nail clipping during sleep, but I have tried eardrops. That didn't work so well. I still may try it sometime. Maybe I could get a couple toenai;s done before the wrestling begins.