Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blake's Christmas Program

Monday was Blake's Christmas program.  His aide was sick, so his special ed. teacher volunteered to stay with him during the concert.  She brought a bag of activities to keep him entertained.  They went into a back room and she played games with him while the other grades performed. 

She brought him out one or two songs before he was supposed to sing.  He sat nicely with her on the bleachers and waited patiently. 
He filed in with the other first graders.  I went down on the gym floor with the other moms to take better pictures.  He put his hands in his pants right away.  I shook my head "no" at him, and when he spotted me, he removed them.  lol. 

This is what he did the whole time.  No singing or hand motions, just sucking his thumb and looking at the huge crowd of people. I am calling it a success! He wasn't disruptive and stood there with the rest of the kids.  This was in the high school gym, and both sides of the bleachers were packed with parents, grandparents and siblings.  Not to mention the school kids!  They were all sitting on the floor in front of the risers. 

Drew decided to stay home from the whole event, and we were okay with that, too.  :)


holly.lynn said...

Yea! That IS a success. I am proud of him...our kids have to be very brave to do those new things!

Peggy E.