Friday, December 31, 2010

TV break!

Drew gets obsessive with watching movies.  First he wants The Black, then he wants The White.  (for an explanation on that, click here)  Anyway, it drives me crazy.  Eric is out running errands and Blake is taking a nap.  Drew asked me for the millionth time to change movies. That did it, I reached my limit.  I turned off the television and said, "Sorry, we're on a TV break."  "A TV break?"  he asked, having never heard of such a thing.  I said, you need to play with toys or something.  I assured him that he could watch TV later.  I decided to help him along by getting out the markers for him.  He played with them for awhile, then asked if he could play on  I allowed it.  He played for ten minutes or so and came and talked to me awhile, asking for a "movie back on".  I realized sadly that he is not the best at entertaining himself, unless it involves watching television or flapping his hands at his bed.  I got a couple new Christmas toys out for him and told him to play with those.  He's actually playing with the space ship right now, but every couple minutes, he says, "Movie back on, please?"  but he doesn't seem too upset when I say, "Later."   We'll see how this works out.  It reminds me of when he was a toddler and I would put him on a blanket with some toys to play with.  Updates later!


holly.lynn said...

Oh we've been there! It's the world of electronics. We have what is called "No Electronic Day" -- at first the boys whine about it, and then amazingly find things to may be playing with a deck of cards for hours (shuffling) or just reading (looking at pictures in books, you know!) Keep trying!!! I do it to them about once a week...and they have come to expect it and don't mind too much anymore. Happy New Year!
Peggy E

Umma said...

How has it worked out? We should really declare more non-electronic time. For us it's the computer, he watches little TV, but it's really all the same deal.

fragilemom said...

hmmm, sounds like our house.