Saturday, February 5, 2011

More freaking snow

I am so sick of this snow, I could scream.  It is snowing again.  We are supposed to have Parents' Night Out tonight and Drew is very excited about it.  "Bob the bus driver" an "Brian" are all he's been talking about since yesterday afternoon.  He will be so disappointed if they cancel.  And of course, I would want them to, if the weather is too bad.  It just stinks.

I am sick also, which is making me grumpy.  I've been in my house since Monday afternoon with the exception of me going to Dollar General last night for more cold medicine. In their parking lot, I almost fell down on the ice then slid about five feet in my rubber-soled boots into my fan where I hit a dry spot of pavement and stopped.  It was the most excitement I've had in days.  To top it all off, DG didn't even have the kind of cold medicine I like.  Apparently everyone else in Fort Loramie has a cold, too. 


holly.lynn said...

Oh, sorry you are stuck w/weather...and sick :(

We so went thru the snow / snow days syndrome the last couple of weeks!!!

There is light (melting) at the end of the tunnel, I promise :)

Hang in there, hugs!