Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Lately, I have been spending more time than with my niece Danielle than I normally do.  I babysat for her and her brother last week, and this week, Danielle has been riding with us to Vacation Bible School. 

Blake adores her.  Last week, he had her playing "Little Mama" and she would put him to bed.  He had her reading stories to him and singing songs with him.

She is eleven now.  I can't believe it!  She is very creative.  She likes to write stories and make cards for people. 

Despite the typical sibling skirmishes she has with her brother, she really loves and looks out for Kyle.  She went for a bike ride with him last week and there were some boys who were laughing at Kyle.  She was really upset by it.  The other day when we were getting ready to leave for VBS, she said, "I feel bad for Kyle being too old to go to VBS.  He really loved it." 

She was telling me about this girl in her class.  She said this girl doesn't have a lot of friends, so she is nice to her.  I love that about her. 

In the van, on the way to Vacation Bible School today, she was trying to play with her iPod Touch, and Blake kept wanting to see.  She patiently showed him what she was doing.  But then Blake wanted to hear Old MacDonald from our Barney CD.  And she stopped playing with her iPod to make funny barn animal sounds for him.  When I glanced in my rearview mirror at them, Blake was looking adoringly at her.  It was very sweet. 

I am just feeling sentimental, I guess, because I know she is growing up.  I just like the person she is and hope she always stays the wonderful, sensitive girl that she is.


holly.lynn said...

What a sweet post. She sounds like a wonderful girl. (And probably if she is that sweet now, it will always be there in some form or another!)