Friday, June 17, 2011


If you know me, you know that I like my sleep.  This is not always compatible with the Fragile X life.  At 3:45, I hear a cheerful, "Good Morning, Mommy!"  I groaned and said, "Go back to bed, Blake."  He asked for some juice, so I told him to go get a a drink of his juice in the fridge then go back to bed.  He said, "Ok, Mommy," again, all cheery and awake-like.  And of course, as I have blogged  a million times, you can probably guess the ending of the story.  I got up and down with him forty-eleven times and tried all my tricks, to no avail.  Finally, I gave up at 5:00.  I have rules, you know.  And one of them is that we don't get up for the day before 5:00.  And 4:59 is not okay.  Anyway, Blake is still be-bopping around four hours later, and I am considering my caffeine options. 

Good Housekeeping printed an article by an uncle of a family with Fragile X.  I think it is a worthwhile read.  Here's the link:  The Never Empty Nest


fragilemom said...

Had a friend email us about this article. However, I just now read it. To be honest, not sure what I think of it...maybe cause it's past my bedtime and I wanted a 'warm fuzzy' feeling....Hmmmmm. Glad you posted it.

Lisa said...

I just read that article last night and thought of you, so I said a quick prayer to bless everyone who lives that type of situation daily.

peter said...

Great site very informative I enjoyed it thank you…cheers Peter