Wednesday, August 17, 2011

All done list

I forget what the right name for it is, but I call it an All Done list.  Remember the crazy school shopping we had on Sunday?  Well, the clothes still needed to be tried on the boys to see if they fit.  I've been using the schedule for things that don't require their active involvement (they just have to be there) and now I thought I'd try the All Done list.  I quickly drew two pictures of pants on small squares of paper to represent the pants I wanted them to try on.

Blake went first because he's usually more cooperative for trying on clothes.  I showed him the (pitiful) pictures I drew and told him that after we tried on the pants, we'd move the picture to the All Done side of the board.  I said to Blake, "When you are all done, it will be Drew's turn."  No problem.  Drew watched.  I gave Blake a high five and told Drew it was his turn.  He actually cooperated!  When he got each pair on, I had him move the picture to the All Done side of the board.  He did both pairs no big deal, and he also got a high five afterward.  I asked them if they wanted to try on shirts today or tomorrow.  They both agreed that we'd do that tomorrow.  Great.  I can be flexible.  :) 

All Done!