Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The things we say

Karen at Red Letter Living had a blog post called "Top 10 phrases you hear at our house"  She asked what are the phrases we say in our house.  I decided to blog about it here.  Her original post can be found HERE

Ok, so at the Meyer house, the top ten phrases you hear are:

10.  "No hit!"

9.  "Don't put your fingers in your butt."  Nas-tay!

8.  "Iron a shirt for Daddy!" (said every day while ironing and must be said in a sing-songy manner)

7.  "Use your spoon."

6.  "You need a squeeze?"  (between beanbags)

5.  "You are fine...." Even when he clearly isn't, it is my habit to say that.  Don't know why.  I guess it's a long-tme soothing thing.  Usually accompanied by, "It's OK."

4.  "I love you."  Blake loves to say this spontaneously to us.  Drew does it sometimes too, and recently learned the sign for "I Love You" by watching Richard Dawson do it at the end of every Family Feud episode. 

3.  "Smell my feet!"  Another ritual in the Meyer household.  Both boys will throw themselves on the floor and hold their foot in the air until you pretend to sniff it and say, "Ewww!  That is soo stink-ay." This originated with Grandma Vagedes when they were babies and has evolved into differing phrases for different people.  There is a script for everyone. 

2.  "Where's Daddy?"  Usually this is just for reassurance that the day is going as planned and Daddy is at work where he belongs.  (sorry hon!)  When Daddy is off work, the day might not be as predictable and thus nerve-wracking.  Much love to Daddy of course, but an ever-present need for the schedule. 

1.  "Help me, Mommy!"  This is one we are working on.  I am glad to help my kids.  Truly I am.  But the more they say it, the more I realize that I do a lot of things for them that they can do for themselves.  I am trying to help them understand that they are capable of doing things on their own.  They are starting to get it and to realize that there is a certain power that comes with it.  Woohoo to my X-men.


Kim C said...

I wonder if children services would be concerned if I posted our top 10??!! ;) Very fun to read!