Monday, September 5, 2011


My niece Ashley and her baby came over on Saturday afternoon.   Eric had gone to the grocery, so it was just me and the boys.  It had been two weeks since I'd seen him, and he's only four weeks old!  So, I was elated to say the least.  Blake loves the baby and wouldn't leave his carseat alone at first. Eric came home soon after Ashley got there.   I put the baby in a beanbag chair while we unloaded groceries.  Blake thought this was wonderfully exciting, so he got out the other beanbag chair and sat beside baby Caleb.

My child looks like a giant next to that sweet baby!

He kept saying, "You hold her?" and, "I talk to her?"  I told Blake that Caleb is a boy and we say "him" and "he" and he would say, "Ok, Mommy" but go right back to calling Caleb "her".  Darn pronouns!

Anyway, we ordered pizza for supper and Blake went with me to get it.  He kept asking, "Where's baby?"  He was really excited about him all day.  They were still here when Blake went to bed and the next morning, he even asked where Caleb was. 

Great Uncle Eric

I am smitten with him! 

After we ate, Drew was watching Wall-E and I brought the baby in and sat down by him.  I didn't say anything, but Drew said, "He's amazing!"  I thought it was sweet, and said, "He IS amazing,"  Drew said, "Yeah, he's huge!"  lol.  Not really. 

Ashley, thanks for spending the day with us.  I had soooo much fun!  Bring your boy back soon!