Monday, September 5, 2011

Video Modeling Update

If you didn't read my blog post about video modeling, click HERE.  This Sunday we decided to give it another try.  While we were getting ready in the morning, I started up the "Going to Grandma's house" video and went back to ironing.  Drew was drawn right to the computer, as I knew he would.  He sat down and watched it several more times.

We left for my mom and dad's house without much incident.  We parked the car at their house, and Drew gave a halfhearted protest about getting out.  After I headed back toward the van to help him, he decided to get out on his own.  He ran up to the door and rang the doorbell repeatedly, even though the door was already opened for Blake, who got there first.  But, we have our steps, you know.  Eric and I went inside and my mom and dad told Drew he could  come in when he was ready.  He opened and closed the door a few times. 

Eric and I were a little behind schedule, so we left for church.  Before we got to the street (and my mom and dad live right across the street from the church) Drew had gone inside the house. 

So, it was definitely an improvement from the previous week.