Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Chewing, revisited.

A couple years ago, I posted about Blake chewing through the zipper on his coat.  I came up with a solution at the time, and you can read about it here:  Desperation Breeds Invention.  He curbed his coat-chewing the next year and it hasn't been a huge issue.  Until a couple weeks ago, when Eric and I bought fall jackets for Blake and Drew.  The first day he wore it, I noticed the sleeve was wet.  He had been chewing on it.  There were no holes yet and it wasn't bagged out, so I just reminded him not to chew his sleeve.  Today, a couple weeks later, he came home from school with the sleeve looking like this: 

It's ridiculous to get frustrated with it.  I knew chewing is a compulsion.  I know that he's probably excited or overstimulated about something at school, like hanging out with "The kids! On the playground!" as he puts it.  (so exciting!)  I am debating about sewing another chewy bear arm on the jacket.  I made him put the jacket on so I could decide the best spot for it, and he tried to stop me, saying, "No chewy!"  So, I am not sure what to do.  I can't find the chewy tube we used a couple years ago.  I guess I could order him a new one, but it takes awhile to get here.  Not really sure where this post is going.  Just rambling, really.

*Edited to update* 
I decided to make a somewhat junky homemade chewy.  I stitched a chewy bear arm to an elastic headband.  He seemed pretty happy with that.  We'll see if it works.
I will probably only make him wear it whenever he wears his coat.

**EDIT #2**

I decided the furry bear arm looked ridiculous, so I covered it with navy jersey knit fabric.