Monday, February 13, 2012

Say wha??

On Thursday, I called a car detailing place about getting our car cleaned.  I told the guy that Eric had transported a case of fish in it.  The box leaked, and now the car smells stinky.  The guy said he thought he could get the odor out.  Fine and dandy.  While I am explaining the situation to the guy, Drew comes up to me crying.  I got off the phone quickly to see what was wrong. 

"No fishing!" he said.  I was like, "What?  Ok, no fishing."  And he said, "Where's Daddy?" I told him Daddy was at work.  He said, "No fish?"  I said, "No fish."  Still not really getting it. 

A little while later the phone rang and I was talking with Blake's aide when Drew came up to me crying about fish again!  While I was talking, I wrote NO FISHING! on a piece of paper.  He calmed down. 

Of course the phone rang several times that afternoon, each time setting Drew off.  He'd cry about fish or fishing and ask to see his paper.  I explained to him that we weren't going fishing, that nobody goes fishing in the winter because it's too cold.  (we're not even going to bring up ice fishing!)  I told Drew he never has to go fishing if he doesn't want to. 

I still don't know why it was such a big deal, but ever since then, occasionally he will get really nervous sounding and say, "No fishing, right?" 

Eric goes fishing in the summer a lot and sometimes tries to get the boys to go along.  Drew rarely wants to go, but Blake almost always wants to go.  Eric never forces him to go, so I am not sure why it's a big deal.