Saturday, February 18, 2012

Schedule changes or throwing a wrench in the works

As anyone who has a child with Fragile X knows, changes to routines can wreak havoc.  We are in the midst of one of those schedule changes and it has caused a lot of perseveration and need for reasurrance.

What is it?  Something that would make any typical school child gleeful.  Extra days off school.  We were off school yesterday and will be off on Monday as well. 

We already use a picture schedule in our home, and this helps a lot to reduce anxiety about what comes next.  However, special cases like these require a special support. 

Thursday evening, Drew was starting to worry about this weekend.   He heard everyone talking about the long weekend.  So it worried him.  He asked me as soon as he got home, "Where I go?"  I made up a five-day calendar that said what day of the week it was, whether there was school or no school, a picture of a house with the names of who was going to be home that day inside it.  He likes to know if Daddy has to work that day or will be home.  I made a frame that said "Today is:" and placed it over the correct day of the week.  Now when he asks, "Where I go?"  I remind him to look at the calendar on the fridge.  

I have Boardmaker, which is a computer program that I could have used to make this all pretty, but I was in a hurry and Blake was already on the computer.  I don't mind showing you my elementary work.  :) 

That is just part of the schedule that I scanned.  Of course I did Sunday through Tuesday as well.  It only took me a couple minutes to throw together, but it has helped.