Thursday, March 15, 2012

Handy Dandy

Drew has an obsession with notebooks.  He loves them.  Every time Eric takes him for a haircut, it has become their ritual to go to Staples afterward and Drew gets a new notebook. 

We have six bazillion of them.  We have a plastic basket overflowing with books.  We don't need any more. 

I did however need to buy some more cold medicine for Blake.  Eric and Blake left to get haircuts, so Drew and I went to Dollar General, one of our town's two options for stores that carry medicine.

Drew used to have trouble getting past the front doors, but thanks to the Arbaclofen study trial med, he can go right in.  He followed me to the medicine, saying, "We need medicine, Mom.  Blake's sick.  Did you find it?"  and when we did, we walked down the snack aisle.  He did great and  made suggestions for what I should purchase. 

He said, "Mom, what's over here?"  I said, "Over where?"  "Here," he said.  I followed him, knowing full well where we were going.  He stopped in the office supply aisle and said, "Where's my notebook?"  "You want another notebook?" I asked.  Of course he did!  I gave my permission.   He looked them over.  Apparently more girls than boys have obsessions with notebooks, because they all have butterflies and flowers.  He settled on a small one with a white cover.  The same one we've bought countless times before. 

We came home and now he's watching Blue's Clues with his new Handy Dandy, as he calls it.  I predict that in a couple minutes he will come in and want me to write "Drew Meyer's Handy Dandy" on it with a permanent parker. 


Anonymous said...

agemedelWell he's easy to buy for--just get a notebook. I love that boy!!

Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

That's so cute! And yes, he is easy to please.... a good thing!

Anonymous said...

My boy liked the little sprial notebooks, the mini ones! He has many filled (front and back) in small handwriting that says one word on each line: snakes !!!

Peggy E.

Kristiem10 said...

Ha Peggy, that's too funny! Snakes. Well, my Drew prefers the small sprial bound ones too, but will settle for most any kind if he has to.