Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rocks, trampolines and Tony's Truck

Sunday evening, Eric was working on some things around the house.  I messaged my sister to see what they were doing and she said they weren't doing anything and we should come over.  I asked Drew if he wanted to play rocks at Aunt Kelly's house.  He said, "I get dressed!"  and ran to get his clothes.  Playing rocks is something he loves to do at Aunt Kellly's house.  They live in the country and have a gravel driveway.  Drew likes to walk around out there and pick up rocks, look at them, drop them, and sometimes even throw them.  

I got the boys all ready and off we went.  We got there and Tony and Kyle were gone.  They were at Tony's mom's house.  Danielle and her neighbor friend were jumping on the brand new trampoline they got that afternoon.  Blake, who adores Danielle, went running that way.  Drew stood by the van for a long while, deciding if it was ok to leave its safety.  There are two cats there, and you just never know if they might attack.  lol.  Actually the cats are pretty afraid of people and usually steer clear.  But if one dodged in front of Drew while running away, it would alarm him greatly.

We went to the trampoline to help Blake up.  Danielle asked if they could go to her neighbor's house.  They had been playing with Blake, but honestly, what eleven year old girl wants to play with her friend and little cousin?  Not too many.  They left, and Kelly and I got the boys in the trampoline.  We were not jumping really, just sitting and bouncing a little.  Drew got nervous and wanted out.  No problem.  Blake was ready to jump, however. 

This lasted a little while, but Blake was sad that Danielle left.  He wanted to play with them and started crying.  I felt really bad about it, but didn't want to make a big deal.  Danielle came back with her friend (they're next-door neighbors and do this a lot) they went in the house and Blake went along. 

Kelly and I sat on the front porch swing and talked.  Drew went in and out of the house  a few times.  He asked where Tony was.  He asked to go home when he realized Tony was gone.  Kelly called Tony to ask if he was coming home anytime soon.  He asked if he could come get Drew and bring him back to his mom's farm.  I of course, said yes.  Drew loves to go places with Uncle Tony. 
This is how happy he was when we were waiting for Tony to get back:

Maybe you can't see it very well, but he was thrilled!  Tony got back and asked him if he wanted to go.  He did, but it took him a minute to build up his courage to go.

So, Tony came and got him and they walked back together.  Tony helped him get in the truck and buckled him in. 
So happy!

And off they went.  They were gone an hour.  When Drew got back, it was time to go home. When we were in the van he said, "Mom, you know what?  I went in Uncle Tony's truck last night!" 

I have another Blakey story, but I have to be at work in ten minutes.  I'll save that one for later. 


Kari said...

Love that! I love how excited our boys get about the little things. So important!

Kim C said...

Isn't it wonderful having a supportive, loving family??!! And that smile on Drew's face, talk about lighting up a room (or truck, as the case may be!)!!

Anonymous said...

Tony loves spending time with Drew too! Kindred hearts!

Anonymous said...

Tony loves spending time with Drew too! Kindred hearts! -Kelly

Lisa said...

It sounds like Drew has another idol besides his dad...

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