Monday, March 26, 2012

So happy!

Blake said, "Mommy, where's Barney?"  At first I thought he meant on television or wanted help finding episodes on Youtube. I showed him on the computer how to find Barney and we bookmarked it for him.  He didn't seem completely satisfied, but didn't ask again at that time. 

A couple days later, he was playing in his bed with his stuffed dog, lion, Woody and Buzz Lightyear.  He again asked where Barney was.  I remembered a plush Barney he used to have.  He got it on his second birthday.  He chewed on it all the time then.  But he hadn't played with it forever, and it was at least two years ago that I threw it away.  I told him Barney was all gone.  He asked, "Where?"  I reluctantly told him that Mommy had thrown Barney away.  Looking sad, he said, "But Mommy, Barney is my friend!" Feeling bad that I had thrown his friend away, I called my sister to see if they had any old Barneys.  My nephew was a Barney fan for ages and ages.  She said she'd look for one and call me back.  Feeling pretty confident that she'd come up with one, I had the boys get dressed in preparation for going to get Barney from Aunt Kelly's house.  However, she wasn't calling back, and Blake was getting ansty.  I called her.  She said they hadn't found one yet, but would keep looking.  After about twenty minutes I called her back and told her never mind, that we were going to go run up to Dollar General to see if they had one.  She said she knew they did not, because when she couldn't find Barney, she started calling stores to find one for him.  What an aunt!  I told her not to worry about it, but she already had her mind set on finding him a Barney.  As it turns out, the only place she found that had one was Toys R Us, forty five miles away.  She went immediately and got Barney for Blake.  She wouldn't tell me where she was going to get it, just that she had found one.  She knew I'd tell her not to go that far for it.

I had a hair appointment that evening, so I wasn't there, but she personally delivered Barney to Blake.  He was soooo happy!  Here are some pics of the event:

It's a bit blurry, but you get the idea.  

And of course he got on Youtube to watch Barney while holding Barney. 

And he needed a picture with Danielle, whom he adores.  See her classic eye avoidance.  What a Fragile X pose.

He has been playing with it constantly ever since.  He and I went to the mall the other day and Barney had to come with us.  He held him out to everyone in the mall, saying, "Look guys, it's Barney!  Rawwwrrrr!"  Thank you Aunt Kelly!


Kim C said...

I agree! What a great aunt! Love when you post pics, the smiles here are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

That made me smile! What a wonderful aunt!
Raising a 6-year old son with FXS. Praying God gives him more words and curious what he will recall from his past!