Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Last night Blake and I went to my sister's house to see their new puppy.  Their golden retriever died recently and they just got this new black lab.  His name is Joey.  My brother in law doesn't think this is a manly enough name for him, but he was already named when they got him.  So Tony calls him Joe.  Blake goes back and forth between calling him Joe and Joey.  He was a little nervous around him, so Kelly and Tony and Danielle tried to get him to come over and pet Joey. 

He got closer...
And eventually touched the dog. 
It was quite funny when they gave Blake a toy to throw for Joey to fetch.  Because when Joey brought the toy back, Blake screamed, "Joey!  Joe!  Butchy!", pushed Joey's head to the ground and said, "I did it!  Whew!"  and hold him there until someone rescued him from Joey.  Or was it, rescued Joey from him?  I think both would be accurate.  It was funny, though, because Joey didn't seem to mind getting his head held to the grass and he kept going over to Blake.  And Blake kept calling him every time Joey would go somewhere else.  And then he'd scream like crazy when Joey came back. It was too funny.  Hopefully next time Blake will be a little less nervous and also remember that his name is not Butchy. 


the other lion said...

That's awesome. Dogs have been so good for Punkin. He loves playing fetch.

Lisa said...

I am glad he did so well with the puppy. Puppies (especially labs)have to much energy sometimes and I can see why Blake would be scared around him.