Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I used to like storms

But about two weeks ago, we had severe storms that knocked out our power.  The kids always freak out when our power goes out.  They go around the house crying and flipping light switches begging me to make them work. 

Fast forward to today.  About two hours ago, actually.  The sky was darkening but no storms yet.  Suddenly the power flashed.  Drew was on the computer at the time and it turned the computer off.  We don't have central air conditioning, so the window air conditioners turned off as well.  The power was off for less than three seconds.  Literally.  And Drew started screaming and crying and of course, he peed his pants.  He cried for about 45 minutes about it and the electric was even working!  Trying not to go insane, I reminded him that he was safe and that the lights were working.  Blake cried a couple times but nothing major. 

About a half hour later, it started thundering.  This alone set the boys off.  Drew started crying and asking if we could leave.  He wanted to go to VBS, PLEASE!  Well, VBS didn't start for three more hours, so that didn't work.  Blake got all worked up and had to go sit on the toilet every two minutes, claiming he had to go poop.  In between bathroom trips, he cries and sighs deeply, trying to calm himself.  

I told him the grass is so thirsty, and God is just giving it a drink.  To which Drew replied, "No thirsty!  No drink!"  Ahh, well.  A mom can try.  Not to go insane.  lol. 

It has settled down now, though we desperately need the rain. Why can't all rain happen when they are sleeping?