Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Meltdown Mode

Mrs. H. dropped the boys off today and said that the last hour of Drew's day was not the best.  She said he said no to everything and seemed agitated.  This morning he had talked about going up to Dollar General after school to get some more Teddy Grahams and I told him we could.  I guess he had been thinking about it all day because at the end of the day, he told Mrs. H., "No Dollar General!"  He refused to get out of the car and Blake started hitting and biting him, trying to get him  to get out.  I got Blake out of the can and in the house he went.  Next was Drew.  He got out, threw his backpack on the ground and ran to the porch and started banging the door.  It got stuck closed and he said, "I broke it!  I broke the door!"  I got over to it, and for a minute I thought he was right.  But it wasn't broke, thankfully.  Mrs. H. wished me well and said if I needed help I should give her a call. 

We went in the house and Drew repeated that he was NOT going to Dollar General.  I said, "That's right, we are not going."  (Like I would bring him there when he was acting like that!)  I don't think that pleased him, but I was none too pleased myself.  He kept turning the television off and on.  He carried around a bag of potato chips, saying, "No chips.  I DON'T want chips!"  I opened the chips and put some in a bowl for him.  He was not satisfied with that and went for the bread.  He can't get the twist ties open himself so he swung the bread at me and said, "NO toast.  I'll just have toast later!"  At which point I noticed how red his ears were.  Classic proof of his agitation.  I already had an inclination that he was agitated when I was hit with the swinging bread.  lol.  I decided to take a picture of this interesting phenomenon.  I don't always notice this with him. 

I acted very nonchalant with him and kept my words to a minimum.  This is usually the best thing to do for Drew when he is upset.  I made him some toast, even though he said he "just wanted some later" and silently put it on the table near him. About ten minutes later, he was watching Looney Toons and saying, "Beep, beep!" like the roadrunner.

And here he's making funny faces at me and telling me to smell his stinky feet.  Obviously in a better mood!


the other lion said...

So sorry it was a rough day. That's exactly what works with my Punkin, too -- just stay calm and ignore as much as possible.