Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Ramblings

Yesterday afternoon we went to Eric's mom and dad's house so Eric could work on their computer for them.  When he was done, we went to Olive Garden.  We waited for a half hour or so and they still weren't ready to seat us.  We decided to go somewhere else to eat.  This was a bad idea, as Drew and Blake had planned on going to Olive Garden.  We decided to eat at O'Charleys and they were able to seat us right away.  That was nice, and they placed us in a round booth.  Drew said he had to go to the bathroom.  Eric took him and upon exiting the restroom, Drew had a meltdown.  He slithered to the floor, crying.  Eric got him back up and they went outside and sat on a bench for awhile until Drew was able to come back in.  It took some convincing and seat rearrangement, but we got him seated next to Grandpa.  It was going on seven o'clock by this time.  When the waitress brought out dinner rolls, my boys devoured them.  Devoured.  Blake literally ate five dinnner rolls and Drew ate four.  Crazy!  It ended up ok, thankfully.    They both got slap-happy on the way back to Eric's parents' house and since we had told them we'd go in, we did.  It would have been easier to go home, but we'd already had the whole change of restaurants.   We went in for a few minutes.  On the way home, Drew fell asleep in the van, a rare occurance. 

On an unrelated note, Blake's aide hurt herself three weeks ago at a wedding.  She fell down on a wet dance floor and tore two hamstrings!  She is having surgery to fix it and will be out of work for a couple months.  I am thankful they have decided on one person to fill in for her while she is gone.  He'd been having a different aide every couple days.  He is really adaptable, but this was hard for him.  We wrote up a paper last night for his new (temporary) aide that said "Things you should know about Blake".  I spoke with her today and she was glad to have the info. Blake's communication book said that he had an excellent day and worked really hard, so hopefully he will adjust quickly to his new helper.

I downloaded a new handwriting app for our iPad.  It is called Letter School.  Blake and Drew both love it!  Trains are involved, so this is a big motivator.  Blake has been playing it even more than Angry Birds, so that's saying a lot.

That is all.  It is a good thing I named this Monday Ramblings, because there is nothing to bring my topics together.  There you have it.


Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

We LOVE Letter School, it's a big fave around here!