Friday, December 28, 2012

Mama dropped the ball

Yesterday, Drew asked me all day long, "When is supper?  You make supper soon?"  I just kept saying, "It's not suppertime yet," and went about my day, which consisted of mundane things like laundry.  We've been off school since the 21st.  That's a week today.  And finally I get smart and make Drew a calendar. 

We do schedules when we have events and I used to be diligent about making a schedule even when we weren't doing much.  So, I made a calendar and have resolved to make a schedule for the day as well, even when we aren't doing anything major.  This is the calendar I made that covers when school starts again.

I've also not been making him take a shower until later in the day.  If you know FX'ers, you know how important routines are.  I made Drew take a shower yesterday morning first thing, and he cried like crazy through the whole thing.  And again this morning.  Hoping once we get back into the routine, that will improve.  I hate when I let things slide, because it is hard on the kids and only makes things difficult for myself in the long run!  


fragilemom said...

Gotta admit, none of my 3 are big on having to keep a schedule. If you knew me, you'd realize exactly how much of a blessing that is! I'm the worst at routine. Seems like you've got it down. Way to go!