Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Weighted Blanket Results

I posted last time that I was going to attempt to make a weighted blanket for Drew for Christmas.  I bought two flat sheets, sewed them together inside out and turned them right side in.  I laid it out on the toyroom floor and called upon Eric for help making my lines for the squares. 

Eric ended up using his laser level to make the lines straight.  We made ten vertical lines and fifteen horizontal ones.  That was one hundred and fifty squares to fill with weight. 

I had ten pounds of poly pellets to spread out among the pockets.  Eric calculated how much I needed for each one.  I sewed the vertical lines, making channels.  Then I poured the poly pellets in each channel and fed a handful of poly-fill to the bottom.  When I had all ten done, I sealed it off by sewing horizontally. 

One row down, fourteen more to go!

View from the other side when I had it about halfway done. 

I worked until 2:00 on Christmas Eve morning, but I got it done. 

The next morning, on Christmas morning, it was wrapped up under the tree for Drew.  When he saw it, he said, "Not this blanket!"  and pushed it aside and went for the next gift.  Not the reaction I was hoping for, but I guess I wasn't too upset about it. 

My mom and dad stopped by in the morning to see what the boys got from Santa.  Blake and Grandpa decided they liked the weighted blanket.  And the jury is still out on whether Drew ends up using it.