Sunday, March 24, 2013

Some Blake pics in different sensory modes

Blake is a sensory boy.  He is a seeker most of the time, but sometimes he likes to block everything else out.  The tunnel is good for this. 

Here he is busting all the packing from an Amazon order.  Not quite as fun as bubble wrap, but it made a nice popping noise.

He likes to be wrapped in multiple blankets.

He  avoided overstimulating crowds at our church luncheon by eating in a classroom by himself.   He came back out when he was ready. 

Big headphones are nice to block out extra noise, while providing nice pressure on his head. He apparently wanted double the pressure. Notice the repaired cord which was destroyed by sensory seeking-chewing on it. 

Here he is watching Barney on his iPad with his Barney as a prop.  He is using his favorite blanket.  Blankets are big around here.  They are soft against boys who run around in their underwear, and usually he tosses the blanket over his head too when he watches shows. 

I think all these pics were taken in the past ten days or so, but every day of his life is a constant balance of not enough or too much stimulation.  Some methods are quite effective (like jumping on the trampoline)  and others are not so much (chewing on cords!)